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Eurotherm: (+48) 532 752 890      
YAGEO: (+48) 12 258 08 44


AMP - Tomasz Alf
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Polski producent czujników temperatury.

Produkty pierwszej klasy jakości.

Produkcja wyrobów zgodnie z AMS2750E
oraz CQI-9 edycja 3

Nowoczesny park maszynowy.

Autoryzowany Partner Eurotherm GmbH by Watlow w Polsce.

Przedstawiciel YAGEO Nexensos w Polsce.

About us


Since 1995, AMP - Tomasz Alf has been supplying parts and subassemblies for the production of control and measuring equipment, in particular resistive and thermocouple temperature sensors.

We are the general representative of Poland for one of the largest manufacturers of thin-film thermometers: YAGEO Nexensos.

Polish (and not only) manufacturers of temperature sensors also supply high quality temperature, compensation and thermocouple hoses (in the range of -200°C to + 1200°C). In this assortment we supply in German cable warehouses, whose products meet the highest quality standards.

At present, our current customer - Eurotherm by Watlow, the leading manufacturer of regulators, controllers and complete measuring lines, has given us confidence, which makes us the general representative for Poland. In this way, our product range has expanded into the electronic and information systems needed to record, control and archive data sent by temperature sensors.




As part of the Schneider Electric business, Eurotherm is a leading global supplier of Industrial Automation and process control, measurement and data management solutions and services.


YAGEO Nexensos

YAGEO is the world’s only electronic component and service provider who has all three of the main pillars of the passive component industry—resistors, capacitors, and inductors, with each of the products having the leading position among its peers. Moreover, YAGEO has extended its product portfolio to circuit protection components, wireless components and sensors. After years of international acquisitions and internal product portfolio optimization, YAGEO has transformed to a premium solution provider with high design-in capability and extensive reach into those hard to penetrate segments and markets.